In this section is a list of organisations, most local to Derby and some national, that may be able to help you.  When seeking a counsellor or other form of support please bear in mind that there are many counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches, organisations and therapeutic approaches so to help you find the right person or organisation ask questions, meet up with them if you can, and see how you feel.

There are a lot of organisations listed here so I’ve sub-divided them into separate pages to help focus your search – just click on the heading below and it’ll automatically take you to that page.  Please note that these lists are not exhaustive.  There is a lot of support out there and if you don’t find what you’re specifically looking for here I suggest undertaking an internet search or seeing what your local GP Surgery or Clinic has available.

Note to charities, organisations, bloggers etc: I do not respond to requests for inclusion on these links pages.

GENERAL – NHS counselling including IAPT; online directories of counsellors and psychotherapists; local charities that offer low-cost counselling; Citizens Advice Bureau; ACAS; Victim Support; Mencap; advice and support on managing and becoming free of debt.
ADDICTION & EATING DISORDERS – charities offering support, advice and information for individuals and their friends, families and colleagues, on a variety of addictions including alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex and porn; helplines and support for anyone who life is affected by an eating disorder.
BEREAVEMENT, STILLBIRTH & MISCARRIAGE – charities offering support for the bereaved including adults, young people and children and survivors of bereavement by suicide; a couple of charities that support people who have lost a baby in pregnancy.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, SEXUAL ABUSE & RAPE – charities and helplines for both men and women who are victims of domestic violence; Respect also listed which provides support for perpetrators; charities offering support and advice for victims of sexual abuse, exploitation or rape, past or present; dissociation.
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS – support for family and relationship issues.
LGBT+ – charities offering support to anyone who is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender or anyone who is having issues with their sexual identity or gender identity, support also for family and friends.
ME, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME & FIBROMYALGIA – local and national organisations offering support and treatments for ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.
MENTAL HEALTH – a variety of organisations offering support and information about mental health in general and specific charities for anxiety, bi-polar, depression, panic attacks, OCD and suicide.
MINDFULNESS – a brief list of some mindfulness resources.
SUPPORT FOR OLDER PEOPLE, DISABLED, ILL, CANCER & THEIR CARERS – including alzheimer charity and local services.