A foot in both worlds…

I’ve always had an innate, deep intuitive belief that there is more to this world that what we witness with our five senses. In my teenage years I experienced paranormal experiences and since then have searched for answers and explanations for this as well as to the big questions – why are we here; what is the meaning of life? I read just about anything that I could get my hands on (this was the days before the internet, I had to rely on remote, hidden bookshops), exploring religions old and new, channellings, new age material and so on. I went down quite a few different paths, and rabbit holes, continually searching, occasionally finding answers to then find I had even more questions…

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” Aristotle

“The more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know.” Albert Einstein

Some of those paths led me to become both an Usui Reiki Master and a Karuna® Reiki Master, qualify in other holistic therapies such as Crystal Healing and train to become a Louise Hay Heal Your Life® teacher, delivering many workshops based on her work over the years.

But this was not enough, for me or for the type of work I wanted to do. It wasn’t hitting the spot, it wasn’t fulfilling me and at times it was draining me, which was a big concern considering my past experience of burnout. I began to realise I am an empath. An empath is someone who strongly senses the emotions, feelings and discordant energies in another when in their proximity. For an empath, in can be confusing to distinguish if what you are experiencing is yours or another’s. But with experience, and a lot of spiritual and personal development, you can distinguish this and work with the other person offering what you are picking up as a reflection if you’re called to. It’s a tough gig though. I am easily affected by the energies around me, in the environment and from people, which can affect my own energy and mood if I’m not vigilant.

In 2010 I came across an organisation called Openhand and, at that time, their approach deeply resonated with me and so my journey with them began. It was a few years of deep therapeutic work on a level I’d never worked on before. Their core message was that there is nothing going on in this world except self-realisation. You’re working with your soul; reclaiming lost fragments; unleashing its full expression; living your life from the place of your soul, not your ego (or mind, or head). Learning their facilitation process prompted me to develop my own soulful coaching process which, from the extensive reading I’ve engaged with across many spiritual disciplines, is a universal process. Others may use different language and terminology, but the process is the same.

The following quote perfectly sums up what I’ve discovered – there are many paths up the mountain. I’ve learned to take only that which resonates and leave the rest. We are all unique with different backgrounds, experiences, ways of being and levels of awareness – what works for one may not work for another, but for someone else it may be exactly what they need to read, see, hear or experience. Honour your own truth and allow others theirs.

“There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.”  Hindu Proverb

I’ve also come to realise that, whilst external sources can be useful, interesting and point you in the right direction, they can be a diversion and distraction. Nothing will top the innate wisdom within.

My spiritual path has emerged to now become a part of my private practice. I now offer the depth of my spiritual training, experience and knowledge through the work that I do, along with my more traditional therapeutic practice.

I continue to work on my own self-awareness and personal development (the work is never finished) to let go of past conditioning and limiting beliefs that do not serve me; to unearth who I really am underneath the many layers and allow my authentic being (my soul) to emerge and lead me.

I’ve recently trained with Denise Linn at her ranch in Northern California attending the Red Lotus Women’s Mystery School and becoming a practitioner. I’m also delving into the divine feminine with a passion to bring balance between the divine feminine and masculine, which is much needed in this world and our daily lives.

In the past I’ve been reluctant to professionally and publicly share this part of me for fear of judgement. But let’s face it, people will judge you anyway, no matter what you do.

If you are being authentic and people judge you, that’s their stuff. It’s far more painful to be someone or something you’re not and be judged. That just leaves you lost and confused and constantly trying to change yourself to please others and meet their needs.

I’ve realised that if I’m openly authentic in all areas of my life, sharing what is real for me, including at times my vulnerability, my human flaws – the good, the bad and the ugly as the saying goes – my professional side, my beliefs, my spirituality, my understanding of the world and so on, I will attract the people who this resonates with. Those people who have already found me have become an absolute joy and privilege to worth with. And that fulfils my life-time goal of making what I do for a living something that I love.

I am still the grounded, down to earth, business woman who can get on in life and deeply empathise with people caught up in the merry-go-round of what our society, governments, media and so on tell us is life.  But I also can see, feel and experience beyond all of this and at times take great comfort that there is more than this, that life doesn’t have to be this way. I choose to have a foot firmly in both worlds, so I can work with people and provide a bridge for them, so that they too can find, uncover, unravel and be their authentic self.