Soul Facilitation

Soul facilitation is a holistic approach to working therapeutically and energetically towards greater well-being, spiritual awareness and fulfilment. Its aim is to support the emergence of the real, authentic you, your soul and engage with it. We each have a soul and that soul yearns to be heard, unleashed and expressed. For me personally, this is where true fulfilment exists.

Soul facilitation incorporates all aspects of ourselves and our higher selves. This includes the body, mind, emotions and feelings, the energy field which includes the chakras and subtle energy bodies*, the layers of consciousness in and out of our current awareness, and the spirit, the life force that flows through everything.

Most people live in their heads and are completely immersed in the material world, the third dimensional world around us – cut off from their body and cut off from the source*.  Even some spiritual people are similarly cut off, maybe not from source but they’re cut off from their body, avoiding being grounded and being fully present in the world, preferring to operate only in ‘love and light’, unable to fully engage and live from their soul (often called spiritual bypassing).

True fulfilment comes from being fully embodied, tuning into your soul and allowing it to express through the body, mind and emotions, ie living life in alignment with your soul. Glimpses of this can be experienced when we feel profound joy, when we appear to lose ourselves in an activity, when we feel connected and in tune with someone or with the natural world, when we feel we are in the flow of and with life.

It is our divine right to feel like this all of the time! So why don’t we? Simply because of our ‘stuff’.  By ‘stuff’ I mean:

  • our negative, unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thoughts;
  • getting caught up in the material world, its consumerism, its distractions, its distortions;
  • our addictions – anything that we use to take us away from feeling pain temporarily, whether that be physical, emotional or mental;
  • our past and current trauma, distresses, abuses, conditioning and wounds;
  • destructive relationships – overtly and subtle;
  • our shadow aspects that we avoid, suppress or are just not aware of;
  • even life itself and what that entails just to survive.

Some of this ‘stuff’ can be worked through and healed by having counselling, psychotherapy, coaching or other forms of therapy, and for some people this is enough – they’ve reached a level they’re happy to live with. Anything spiritual or esoteric is not on their radar, or they’re just not ready to go there.

For others, it is not enough and there is a strong sense that there is something more going on for them and more going on in this world than can be experienced with our five senses and this is where soul facilitation comes in.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, philosopher

Soul facilitation works in the realms of the soul, energies, karma and spiritual evolution. We’re connecting with the soul frequency and resonating with it to create a bridge into higher conscious awareness. If you can feel your higher-self frequencies, then you get the chance to embody them, to great benefit in your daily life – you will feel more connected to the source and the guiding flow that helps make sense of the twists and turns on your path.  As you change and evolve, your life circumstances begin to change and evolve.

What does a Soul Facilitation session entail?

In a typical session, the client will share what it is that they are wanting to work with, maybe an old issue or something that has currently arisen for them. I will then guide us both in a meditation to connect and attune us to the higher energies and our energy fields. You do not have to be able to sense energy to do this work, you just need openness and curiosity.

I will then begin to tune into the client’s energy field and ask questions to further explore the issue.  I’ll invite the client to tune more fully into their own energy field and share what they are sensing. We’re observing where there may be a constriction, tightness or denseness and begin to work with that.  By bringing our attention and awareness to this it catalyses the blockage and activates it.

I’ll then support the client in working through this in whatever way is appropriate for them.  Sometimes, words cannot be found to express what you are experiencing, as we would use in counselling. Instead we work with the energy which can be expressed in a myriad of ways such as breath, movement, visualisation, sound and so on.

It is important that the pain or discomfort of the issue is experienced – it’s the avoidance or suppression of pain, any pain, that is cause of so many peoples issues.  It can manifest in ill health – physically, mentally and emotionally, in relationships, in circumstances in our lives. Once the pain has been felt as fully as it can be, we’ll welcome the emergence of the soul, like the reclaiming of a lost soul fragment, similar to shamanic soul retrieval.

The wound is the place where the light enters you. Rumi

Sometimes, the issue takes a few sessions to be fully felt and worked through.  It very much depends on the client and the issue. To let go of our stuff means change and even though that change may be good for us, there is sometimes resistance and fear. As you continue this path, doing the work, each soul fragment gets re-integrated, blockages dissolve and more and more of your soul comes through.