Soulful Coaching





Embracing authenticity.

Awakening spiritually.

Soulful Coaching is a holistic approach to working therapeutically and energetically towards greater well-being, spiritual awareness and fulfilment. Its aim is to support the emergence of your soul. For me personally, this is where true fulfilment exists, but doesn’t necessarily fit in with the life we already have and the world we perceive around us. Soulful Coaching helps with both the soul connection and its navigation in your life. It’s actually quite simple, the soul always is, but simple doesn’t always equate to easy. We all know how challenging the world can be and we can get lost in day to day living and juggling the demands our lives have on us. Not to mention the bombardment of expectations and opinions from others, society and ourselves that we rarely stop to question, let alone check in with ourselves on a deeper level to determine our truth and then make decisions and life choices from that place.

Soulful Coaching incorporates all aspects of our being. This includes our body, mind, ego and intellect, emotions and feelings, spirituality, energy fields, the layers of consciousness in and out of our current awareness, the life force that flows through everything and of course, our soul.

Most people live in their heads and are completely immersed in the material world, the third dimensional world around us – cut off from their body and cut off from their higher self, soul and spirit. Even some spiritual people are similarly cut off, maybe not from spirit but they’re cut off from their body, avoiding being grounded and fully present in the world.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, philosopher

True fulfilment comes from being fully embodied, tuning into your soul and allowing it to express through the body, mind and emotions, ie living life in alignment with your soul. Glimpses of this can be experienced when we feel profound joy, when we appear to lose ourselves in an activity, when we feel connected and in tune with someone or with the natural world, when we feel we are in the flow of and with life.

It is our divine right to feel like this most of the time. So why don’t we? Because of:

  • our negative, unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thoughts;
  • getting caught up in the material world, its consumerism, its distractions, its distortions;
  • our addictions – anything that we use to take us away from feeling pain temporarily, whether that be physical, emotional or mental;
  • our past and current trauma, distresses, abuses, conditioning and wounds;
  • destructive relationships – overtly and subtle;
  • our shadow aspects that we avoid, suppress or are just not aware of;
  • even life itself and what that entails just to survive.

The starting point is working with the heart to access the deepest and truest part of who you are. The heart is the doorway to the soul. The heart never lies but the mind can, and it’s easily programmable which can be both a hindrance and beneficial.

Your heart doesn’t tell you what you’d like to hear. Above all, it tells you what is true. Living from the heart isn’t always a quick fix for longevity and happiness, but it is the recipe for a pure, honest life. It means trusting your inner compass, which can guide you through the overgrown forest of emotions, habits, thoughts, and expectations leading you to the clearings where the light shines in. Eveline Helmink, Editor-In-Chief, Happinez magazine

Living from the heart and being open-hearted is not being a softie, it is actually not for the fainthearted. It takes great courage and can at times be painful, making us feel vulnerable. Our mind and our ego may be screaming at us to ignore it in the name of self-preservation, but you won’t die. You will have instead faced the fears and the shadows within, that you’ve hidden away or pushed down, and begin to truly live. For to truly live is to walk a path between and holding both the dark and the light. A middle way. A centred and grounded way yet also reaching up beyond perceived limitations. Accepting all parts of yourself including the human and the spiritual.

Just to give you an idea, below are some aspects of Soulful Coaching:

  • Accessing, balancing and harmonising both the feminine and masculine energies we all have within us so both can be drawn upon to good effect in your life;
  • Discovering and navigating life with your own inner compass or inner guidance system including determining your true north or your own north star to align with;
  • Developing discernment, boundaries and energy integrity;
  • Accessing and utilising inner knowing and your deep soul wisdom;
  • Honing your intuition;
  • Feeling and integrating your feelings – it’s the only way, suppression, avoidance, distraction, bypassing, addiction, burying or ‘sweeping under the carpet’ provide only temporary relief;
  • Recognising feelings and emotions, understanding the difference, determining their messages and insights and consciously choosing how you act on them;
  • Love, compassion and care for self;
  • Illumination of shadow aspects of self to process and integrate;
  • Support, encouragement and a held space for dark night of the soul experience and process;
  • Waking up to, claiming and declaring your sovereignty;
  • Learning how to live life actively in flow;
  • Removing the distortion from the stories of your life;
  • Identifying your desires – what you truly yearn for;
  • Spiritual awakening and emergence;
  • Finding your true pace in life;
  • Increasing self-awareness and conversing at soul level;
  • Finding or uncovering your own voice, your truth and develop the courage to express it and work with what comes up;
  • Expansion of perspective, gaining a wider view and experience, opening up further to all that is;
  • Allowing your true nature to flourish;
  • Grounding;
  • Managing high sensitivity and empath traits with own self development and energy integrity.

The answers are not ‘out there’. They are not outside of yourself. They are, and have always been, inside of you. The knowing always comes from within, but can be triggered by something without. Our relationship with life and the world around us is rich with signs and experiences to help us continually grow and expand.