Coaching – A Different Approach

Coaching that is heart-centred, soul-led, embodied and utilising the mind, rather than having it run the show!

Looking for something different? Wondering if there must be more to life than this? Is this it? You’ve ticked all the boxes of what life should be like but you’re left confused as to why you’re not happy? Or you just don’t know what you want to do with your life?

My coaching style is a culmination of my own learning, training, experiences and mistakes on my life-time journey of discovering what really brings me joy, sets my soul on fire, inspires me, opens my heart, lifts my energy and identifies what I really love to do.

I’m tired of the style of coaching that is all about fulfilling your goals when you’ve not even explored whether those goals are in alignment with your heart and soul, your values, whether they feel right to you and lift you. Notice the number of ‘you’s in there. This is about you, not anybody else nor anyone else’s ideas and expectations of what you should be doing – in work, career, life and relationships.

It’s not all happy happy, high fiving, lighting up. A lot of the work is facing the obstacles, shadow aspects our ourselves, fears, conditioning and so on, that get in the way of living the life that is in alignment with the authentic you. And sometimes, that in itself – being authentic, is challenging and scary. Welcome to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and living your full life!

If this is enthusing you and it sounds like I’m the kind of coach you’re looking for please do get in touch.